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Pet Friendly

How not to be enchanted by beings with such a big heart? Yes. We give ourselves to love for animals, and we open our doors to receive dogs, cats, birds, fish and hamsters in our Pousada.

But for everything to work perfectly, both for guests and pets, it is necessary to follow some rules.

01. It is mandatory to present your pet’s vaccination card, to be copied and attached to your reservation;

02. We accept dogs up to medium size, cats of all breeds, fish, birds and hamsters. Each and every pet must be up to date on vaccinations.

03. It is necessary that dogs and cats use a leash, regardless of whether they are sociable or not, in all social areas of the Posada;

04. It is necessary to fill out a form at the reception with the name, age and breed of your pet;

05. Pets must have their own bed and objects for personal use. But in case you need anything, we will have a list of providers of pet supplies at reception, such as a feeding house, pet lovers (for outings), pet day (pet spa), bathing and grooming, walkers, daily care, caregiver of dogs and taxi dog.

06. Pets cannot be in the buffet breakfast area;

07. Daily rates must be paid at check-in and extras can be paid at check-out, except for payments for third party contracts, which must be PAID AT THE ACT OF SERVICE;

08. Any damage caused by your pet in the Pousada, either in the house or in the social areas, will be the sole responsibility of its owner and will be charged at the time of occurrence;

09. We also receive guests without pets, so we ask that there be no excessive noise.

10. We ask that you do not leave your pet alone in the apartment so that it does not cry, suffer or cause noise and inconvenience to other guests. It is also necessary that the room is empty for the maid to do the cleaning.

11. Pets are prohibited from entering the pool and Jacuzzi;

12. It is necessary to report any disease or special condition of the pet.
It will be a pleasure to have you and your pet with us!